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Mebaline Spray Cold

Mebaline Spray Cold Mebaline spray of cold is indicated to relieve pain caused by traumas, contusions, falls, or sprains. Mebaline Spray Frio
€5.95 -30%€4.17

Mebaline Bag Cold Heat

Mebaline Bag Cold Heat Mebaline pouch for applying heat or cold reusable. Cools in the freezer and reaches up to 30 degrees below zero. Can be heated in the microwave or in a bain marie. Mebaline Bolsa Frio Calor
€3.30 -30%€2.31

Mebaline Gel Relax

Mebaline Gel Relax Mebaline Gel Relaxing immediate relief for tired legs. Triple action: relaxing, anti-cellulite and moisturizing. Mebaline Gel Relax
€11.95 -30%€8.37

Mebaline Cool Gel

Mebaline Cool Gel Mebaline Cool Gel is a thermal gel that provides a cool sensation of relaxing effect. Indicated in those situations where the application of cold may prove beneficial. Mebaline Cool Gel 150
€11.95 -30%€8.37

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