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Petzl Tikka+ 160 Violet

Petzl Tikka+ Purple Headlamp Petzl Tikka+ Purple compact for outdoor activities, with technology CONSTANT LIGHTING that ensures a power of the constant lighting throughout their autonomy. 160 lumens Petzl Tikka+ Violeta E97HFE
€40.00 -30%€28.00

Petzl Tikka 100 Red

Petzl Tikka Red Headlamp Petzl Tikka Red for the lighting of the proximity and short trips. 100 lumens Petzl Tikka Rojo E93HMA
€30.00 -30%€21.00

Petzl mounting Plates to...

Petzl mounting Plates to attach front ULTRA Decks to set the headlamps Petzl ULTRA bicycle helmets and mountain BIKE riding edge thick, or edge thin. Petzl Pletinas para fijar fronta
€23.00 -30%€16.10

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